Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tallulah aspires for drag

This is Titti Trollop. It's what, I Tallulah, found whilst looking at the site referrers on the right hand column of this blog. I've always had a thing for drag queens. It's not any of the issues that may ensue being a drag queen, it's the sheer glamour of it all. While I love being a Mountain Mama with a big city bend, there is something to be said for dressing in beaded gowns, donning false eyelashes, bright lipstick and high heeled shoes. Maybe I just need to go out for some theatre, perhaps do the one woman show I've been thinking about. I just think that the hutzpah that drag queens have, is something that I as a woman need to have. Not necessarily need, but want. I've always fancied myself a 'Lisa Douglas' in the middle of nowheresville of West Virginia. But taking the time to be glamourous is a daunting task. So I guess what I'm saying, and maybe it's spending my time in LA, that's got me thinkin', if drag queens can do it, I can do it. Maybe not to this extent, but the extra ten minutes in the boudoir might do me some good.

Still I'm too tired for Mikey

But not too tired for a red dress and roof top in New York.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tallulah and Jet

Here we are 25 years later. We went to one of my favorite pubs in the San Fernando Valley: the Robin Hood on Burbank Blvd and Woodman Ave. However I must also mention in the same breath the Ireland 32, on Burbank just west of Woodman... which is where I went before my wedding reception and got a shot or two of Jameisons Whiskey. Dressed in full matrimonial garb, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon many moons ago, the Irish pub took one look at us and said: "Come on in, you're gonna need this". I love pubs. One day, Yaye and I are going to Ireland to pub hop and see Van Morrison live by god. Before I die or before Van Morrison dies, I need to see him play in his native land...with my parco.

But I digress, so Jet shows up and we go to the Robin Hood Pub, I also give him boxes of goodies that weren't sold at the garage sale. I find this very comforting. I've known Jet since the tender age of 14, we are exactly 10 years apart. I think I may have lied about my age to him back then, cause when I mentioned this at the pub tonight, he almost spit out his beer. But Jet is a stand up guy, and he showed his support and understood the overwhelming wackiness of this whole ordeal. He's a member of holy unblooded family. But back in the crazy teenaged years and all the times I ran away or was outcast by my mother, Jet was there to pick up my pieces. I remember getting in a fight with my mother three days before my wedding, I wanted Jet to walk me down the aisle to give me away...but other ideas in my mother's head came into play. I mentioned this to Jet tonight. I think it was the first time I ever mentioned it. Jet played such an integral part of my growing up that I can't imagine him not being around as I get old. He possesses such a kind heart even though he may be listening to right wing talk radio talking points. I think I may have disuaded his views of bit tonight.

Parco and Father Roma Tomatah, I thought of you both as Jet and i were clinking glasses at the pub. The two of you should have been there. Then Roma Tomatah could have fallen in the crack of the sofa bed and Yaye could have jumped through the opening of the kitchen... Bless yeez.


Sistah Tallulah Overwhelmedah

Tallulah remembers when Melrose was cool...

In the same box was a shopping bag from my all time favorite store back in the day...FLIP on Melrose. Before everything became uber hip and ridiculously overpriced, any school working girl could purchase a great dress for mere pennies.

Look what Tallulah found: swag of THE WHO

Remember this jacket Yaye? Found amongs posters, books and a flexidisc of Haircut 100.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Taste of REAL Autumn for Tallulah in L.A.

I know Tallulah laments the passage of these crisp October days in the East while she takes care of extremely important business in scorching Fernangeles, so I send these happy autumnal images of Connecticut to tide her over:

A few more images like these (and much bigger in size) are available on my Flickr page. Look in the Autumn set.

Freakin' Foliage! I hope you like these, Tallu!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nuthin' worse than a drunk member of the Sterilles: Tallulah

I've had the garage sale. And have decided that the Disable Veterans get all my mom's knick knacks, furniture and miscellani. Have had 4 hours of sleep, dealt with people who would only buy crystal for 25 cents a piece everything had to be haggled. I don't find fun in haggling...what you want this, well then where's the haggle? No no that's not a haggle. You've got to haggle. I'm so sick of this adventure.

So I've now drank 3 bottles of beer and I'm feeling it. It was frickin' hot in So. California...I want rain, 30 degrees and maybe a few snow flurries, I want to go back to West by god Virginia. This heat is just too much on me. But beer goes well with heat. And NOW my mom can't figure out how to turn on her TV. So my brother is driving in LA traffic 15 miles away, might as well be 70 miles away to go turn on my mother's tv. We've worked like dogs and my mother needs her TV turned on. She can't figure out the frickin' buttons. I wonder how all this assisted living thing is really going to work for her. Please I don't want to lose my mind like her. Well, actually, I don't want to lose my mind with an addiction to TV. Do you know how many Matlock reruns I've had to watch with her? More than I care to share. After Matlock comes Hawaii 5-O, is anyone really aware how much David Caruso or Horatio on CSI Miami acts like Jack Lord? Completely...I'm not kidding. I've watched more Jack Lord in the last week than I care to share. Book em Dano.

I'm tired, cranky and very silly tonight. I would like to dance naked right now in the snow. But only for about 30 seconds. Then after that I would like to have a nice hot bath drink hot cocoa and go to bed. I need bed, but I'm too amped up from being to damn tired to actually go to bed. Parco if you're up please call.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

And now the S& H Green Stamps

Here's the Green Stamp book I found as well. Still has stamps in it and everything. Did Blue Chip and Green Stamps converge and become Price Club and Costco then PriceCostco then just Costco? Why do I need to know such consumer history? It's like Sambos turning into Hungry Tiger turning into what was it Godfathers Pizza which turned into Bakers Square?

All retail/restaurant histories aside. My only recollection was my mother purchasing her harvest gold crock pot from the Green Stamp store. And that would change our eating habits for ever. It took me 20 years before I could eat stew again.

When Yaye threw the Orange Squirrel Away

Many many moons ago when I would visit Yaye's Darby Crash Pad deep in the bowels of the San Fernando Valley, she had an orange squirrel. It was made of the most precious plastic with paper stick-on eyes. I loved that squirell. It would peer happily down upon our intoxication in the middle of Yaye's bedroom floor while we sang or cackled. Then Yaye had to get all New Yorker Manhattanneee and DISCARD the squirrel without my chance of saying goodbye. While I forgave her long ago, there are times when the image of the happy slappy squirrel pops into my head.

As you can see, I stumbled upon some blue chip stamp books...remember those? The little vermit while not a squirrel, does embodie the essence that is the Orange Plastic Squirrel, that to my recollection and surprisingly enough does NOT have a name except for Orange Plastic Squirrel.

Friday, October 13, 2006

And tallulah's mom's change over begins

Mom is officially moving in on 10/17. A bittersweet moment when I received the keys to her new place. Then panic set in...holy crap, I have to get cable and phone in her new pad. I'm wondering if she can have the same number...doubt it. poin.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh-Mah-Gawd Ladies & Gents...SAM I AM

Whilts Tallulah continues her journey through every nook of her mother's house...she stumbles upon a video. It's called Creep Show. Now Tallulah loved that movie as a teen, but she decided to pop it into the VCR just to make sure it was creep show. Not sure what she would find and realizing that her mother was in the same room. Quickly before pressing play, Tallu fumbles through her own addled memory...did she ever get naked on video...did she? She does a quick synopsis of her life and is relieved...NO! She has not done anything naked on video. Thankfully as that would certainly create more strained tensions between mother and daughter.

Holding a deep breath, she presses play. MUSIC! It's BE BOP RECORDS and it's SAM I AM!! ON VIDEO!! Of course Tallu squeals like a true blue valley girl in Van Nuys...LIKE OH MAH GAWD....NO WAYYYY. WAYYYY. It's totally LYFEEEE.

Update later, but a certain person, should really contact me with a mailing address so that I can send it out. And if that person puts that particular video onto DVD I certainly would like to get a copy.


Damn it

Yaye are you UP?

I just found some 30 year old bourbon and I have decided to imbibe. Can I call you?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tallulah...Is THIS What Makes You "Aaah"...?

Say goodbye to a Sunset Boulevard landmark, friends...

Tower Records is liquidating all 89 stores and going out of business.
I can truly never go home again. It just doesn't exist anymore.

Tallulah says

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH gasp aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hhhhhhhhhhhhhh deep breath aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Monday, October 09, 2006


The problem is how to hide the body.

Yaye are you aware....

That there are only 4 places in this world that are on this blog right now? Connecticut, California (Van Nuys and Sacramento) and Canada....

That's really cool...not really blog worthy but what the hell it's late.

1977 it was about Paul Nicholas

If you look closely there's a heart drawn on the label. Tallulah had many loves back when she was 10. But more importantly here are the lyrics for Heaven on the 7th Floor. Oh, makes some of my bad adolescent poetry look like Longfellow...

"Goin' up" she said uh huh
Just as we were startin' to climb together
Ooh ooh lookin' up I
said uh huh"Maybe I could see you tonight?"
She said "never!"ooh ooh
I was out of luck
But ten seconds later somehow we got stuck in that elevator
Heaven on the 7th floor(Hey baby)
Heaven on the 7th floor(I ain't complainin)
But I've never been so high before
So please don't rescue me
Never set me freeHey, hey, hey
"We're alone" I said uh huh
Looks like we could be here all night
Together ooh ooh
"There's a phone" she said uh huh
Gonna have us out in five minutes' time whatever
"Please could you make it ten" I told the operator
I'm havin' so much fun in this elevator(repeat chorus)
And as the Musak played sooner or later I knew
We'd fall in love in that elevator


Now, I don't know what happened to the Picture sleeve that went to this. And yes, I remember who was related to whom and I also do remember the above woman having KILLER clothes from Let it Rock!

Cat Eyed Aquarian - Serious Capricorn

Holy Cannolli...why did i crimp my hair?

Check out the plaid couch and orange curtains. Do you see the table? It's the one with the four faces. I'm not sure if this table freaked out Yaye or if it was someone else.

Live at the Troubadour....The Textones 1981

Okay, this is really creepy. what the hell was I doing at 14 going to the Troubadour. Nevermind what for. And the Mates...that's the ol' drummer's ex-boyfriend's band.

From what I can find, for less known bands tickets are about 12 bucks. It STILL has no AGE LIMIT. Gawd bless the Troubadour.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Vespas used to park in Tallu's Mom's Driveway 1982

Tallulah at Notre Dame High School HomeComing 1983

This guy I believe went on to become a priest. Funny how things work out.

A morsel of tallulah's mom

Going through every single nook and cranny of my old homestead in the Valley I came across this pic. I have no recollection of this particular moment in time. It's funny how there are memories that no longer exist. The old adage, I don't remember the last time I forgot.

This was a welcome un memory. My mom has dark hair...I seem to only "remember" her now with gray hair. Days are numbered here. I can't breathe or think clearly.

I'm mourning so many different things...more like mourning memories and ideas.

My mom had some lucid moments this past week. We actually laughed hard and had some very very silly moments. I hope I don't forget them.

I'm mourning my mom, and she hasn't left this world yet.

Swirling Thoughts From Yaye's Vortex of Doom

I just saw some pictures from the future I never had
It really bummed me out

I refreshed
Hoping for an e-mail
From you
But since I never gave you my address
That was a pretty stupid thing to do

Remember when we were going to have a double folk wedding
In a field
I would marry John Gorka
You would marry Cliff Eberhardt
With flowers in our hair?

I played my guitar yesterday
My fingers are still swollen
My throat is scratchy
It was great
Although I can’t play any of my songs
All the way through

In fewer than 60 days I will be the same age
As Margo Channing in All About Eve…4-0
In High Speed Telegraphy competitions the Women’s age categories breakdown like so:
17 – 20
21 – 39
40 and over
That’s right, age 40 to infinity…more of a heap than a category


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tallulah finds pic of her Sweet 16 Par-TAY

Wow, spoon collection STILL hanging in the same place, bookends in the bookshelf are STILL in the same place as well. My god this is a Capricorn dream and worst nightmare come true....

Insomnia strikes Tallulah....

I have to pack and empty my mother's home of 38 years in less than 3 weeks and move her at the same time. This can bring on some sleepless nights. Two days ago I ran out of my bargain bin hometown supermarket sleep aid called 'Top Quality' and haven't been able to sleep since. I've been going through papers, and more papers, trying desperately not to feel utterly overwhelmed and trying to absolutely not loathe certain difficult and exhausting people closely tied to my family. So at 1 AM this morning I started to go through another drawer when I came across this lovely little gem from the Aytees.

yaye...don't...don't you want me....

Tallulah, she miss Yaye

I sure wish Yaye would stop by the blog sometime. Just for a say Hey or quack like a duck or even say poop.

I miss Yaye!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I love Hell-A

I, Tallulah Kazu, am in California. It's a lonely place here. Nothing looks the same, it's very very crowded and LOUD. People aren't very friendly, the streets aren't paved with gold or milk and honey. There are a LOT of gas guzzling vehicles, I've seen more Hummers in one hour that I've ever seen in any 30 minute bad porno. This place makes me feel very angry. I don't like it one bit.