Monday, October 22, 2007

Tallulah reaches out to So Cal Pals....

I've tried to call a few of you. Reached one who had a Sheriff knock on her door saying she should evacuate. Cell phones direct to voicemail...other calls simply busy. If by any chance you stop by the blog please send a note.

To all my friends and loved ones who are undoubtedly being affected by the fires in So. Cal. both Yaye's and my birthplace, if I can do anything, please please let me know. I am very very concerned for all of you and want to know you are okay. If you need a place to stay and regroup, our farm is always open! Always...

Lots and lots of love to all in So. Cal.

Be safe

love always,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

About the fancy cream...message from Tallu

Yes, no fancy cream can even begin to compete with the almost completion of the strawbale workshop that we've been working on all summer long. The wood...came from the trees on our property, the windows - double glass argon filled vinyl windows - came from an auction that particular window you see there: 20 bucks, Strawbales - came from 2 hours away in a town near Pittsburgh, Red car - oh that's mine - came from a car dealership - not a Honda or Toyota, someday when I can afford a good Japanese car or German car this little red number will go to Yayo - but it gets almost 40 mpg...and it's a manual, oh how I missed driving manual.

See those posts holding up the stucture? I helped to put those in. This shop was built by 3 people: Mr. T, Yayo and Mr. T's buddy...we'll call him Buddy. More shots later....

Ms. Reverend Preacher Mojo, She has Risen

This is Reverend Tallulah, she officiated a wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina about 2 weeks ago. As you can see this is a slight aerial view of the gray streak in question, if you look closely you can see the waves and curls in her hair. It's odd we know as she used to have hair as straight as a pin except for when she was crimping, teasing or perming...this is why her hair is wacky now.

Here, Tallulah enjoys the end of the reception. Missing the old times of making an ass of herself on stage, she takes off her corsage and sings LA Woman, right after this picture was taken Tallu was coaxed by the bride and groom to dance on the table as they called out of Jim Morrison's spirit to join in marital fun and frolic.

Nothing like a wedding to bring out the silliness...don't you think parco?

About the sunglasses...looked for the biggest gawdiest and cheapest I could find...not bad for 5 bucks.

Not a fancy cream, but it will help the marriage...

That's right, there's no fancy cream from China needed, no better herbal remedy than the following: Wood, glass, straw and lots of nails, staples and plastic tarps. What could Tallu be yappin' about....well as soon as blogger will allow me to post the pics you'll know. Oh yes you will know.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yaye Brings You Some Hong Kong Phooey

WARNING: Talk of ladybits below.

I had to share. Read if you dare.

Royal Palace Treasure Feminine Herbal Cream is the ancient secret of Queens and concubines to please their kings. At the application of this cream, even women who have given birth to many children can again enjoy sex life as it was in their honeymoons. Its formulation is based on secrets of ancient Chinese court herbalists. The cream is composed by selected precious herbs and manufactured under the utmost care.

Directions: Squeeze a small amount of cream onto finger and apply liberally to the outside of the vagina 5 minutes before intercourse.

From the Veryasia website. A product of Hong Kong. 2 for $15.99, ladies!!

On the website the heading for this product is "Royal Place Treasure Cream for Women."