Saturday, February 24, 2007

And now Tallu bids you all sweet dreams...

Do you think Richard Branson has a mirror in the Attic?

how can Richard Branson look the same after all these years...YES that's him the wacky young general, man who gives bounty of 25 million dollars to save the world!

And all the world is football shaped

Tallu hopeless...but into the Dazzle

Tallu admits to childish dreams of being Siouxsie

Clouds may be a daisy chain...but we will all smile again...really..I swear...we all will.

WE got the Beat even in pointy pumps...skank away girls

Right side of a pixelated good thing...fleshtones

Tallu decides to have her own 80s party by herself!

Down to the supermarket living in the fastlane...

In the holler, but Tallu wants to be In the City

Tallu has gone crazy...the first pic on this video, was a poster Tallu used to have in her bedroom probably 25 years ago...

Oh my god Tallu is OLD!

Tallu is celebrating life...enjoy it it's the only one we've got!

Tax man cometh...everybody go-eth

After attending a funeral today all Tallu wants is The Jam

Tallulah's Friday Night with the Jam

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sally is Hysterical!