Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One last final thing...Yayo is Stephen King

I honestly don't know why Yayo reminds me of Stephen King in this photo...but every time I look at it I think It or Pet Cemetery or Creep Show. But since I have slowly converted back to Mac with my new way bitchen Mac Book Pro with OSX and all the bells and whistles, i have had the most fun with Photo Booth. I look forward to the day I completely move away from PC. But this new fangled thing still scares me, every time I look at the lap top, I think I'm going to break it. Can't wait to have some fun with the lil program Garage Band.

Fear not Yaye and Lyfee....Tallulah's Gray Streak

I am a Parental Unit
I have a walnut chin with an alien fivehead

Here it is in normal splendor...the only natural part of my head...my new close friend the gray streak. Not quite Susan Sontog (sp) because I accidentally dyed too much..but when parted in the middle slightly Rogue....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wrong Turn for West Virginia

Tallulah: I am angered, I am disgusted, devastated, mortified and sadly I am not surprised. When I moved to West Virginia, I knew that there would be issues concerning those who are different be it, race, political leanings or religious affiliation. It happens in rural areas but it also happens in big cities. I have known my fair share of racicsts, political wackos of all kinds and religious zealots in sunny "liberal" California. However, I was absolutely stunned by the news of a young woman tortured by 6 people two of them mothers of the other perpetrators.

Let me make myself very clear, the majority of the people I have met and become friends with here in West Virginia are decent human beings. They are willing to give the shirt off their back in a moment of crisis or lend a hand when you least expect it.

So what are we going to do West Virginia? Oh great state that's 50th in global economy? How can the state repair itself from this horrific tragedy? Come on tell me, how can the beautiful state of WV stop this from happening again? Perhaps a little diversity training in your rural schools? That may just be an interesting starting point on a long road to repair and rebuild.

My heart goes out to that young woman. I hope that she can be strong enough to try to live a life that will not be filled fear forever.