Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tallulah aspires for drag

This is Titti Trollop. It's what, I Tallulah, found whilst looking at the site referrers on the right hand column of this blog. I've always had a thing for drag queens. It's not any of the issues that may ensue being a drag queen, it's the sheer glamour of it all. While I love being a Mountain Mama with a big city bend, there is something to be said for dressing in beaded gowns, donning false eyelashes, bright lipstick and high heeled shoes. Maybe I just need to go out for some theatre, perhaps do the one woman show I've been thinking about. I just think that the hutzpah that drag queens have, is something that I as a woman need to have. Not necessarily need, but want. I've always fancied myself a 'Lisa Douglas' in the middle of nowheresville of West Virginia. But taking the time to be glamourous is a daunting task. So I guess what I'm saying, and maybe it's spending my time in LA, that's got me thinkin', if drag queens can do it, I can do it. Maybe not to this extent, but the extra ten minutes in the boudoir might do me some good.

Still I'm too tired for Mikey

But not too tired for a red dress and roof top in New York.


Anonymous Miss Lyfie said...

Crikey! Now you've really tempted TEH GOOGLE!

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Lydford, Devon said...

How long am I going to have to look at Ms. Trollop? Not that there's anything wrong with that but there must be other goings ons in the the YayeTalluniverse...

11:15 AM  

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