Monday, November 26, 2007

Strawbale Workshop - Let's get Plastered

Tallu and Mr. T are racing against winter, here is the strawbale structure getting the first coat of lime plaster. Supposedly the lime plaster actually absorbs CO2 therefore we're doing our little part in saving the world. With the kindness of other newbies in our town and their volunteer efforts on the weekends (when weather permits) we are almost done with the first coat. Barring anymore accidents on the scaffolding, we could just make it before the winter really rears its pretty crystalline head.

Mr. T is using a terralessa (SP) sprayer which is really a remarkable sight to see a gallon of plaster applied to the strawbale in less than 6 seconds.

I will get my old website back up and going so stay tuned for strawbale movies, more pics and tips on our first strawbale project.

Hope all of you are well...

Lots of love

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