Friday, June 30, 2006

Yaye's Weakness

I reconsidered this post several times, as I really don't usually make it a habit to air my dirty thoughts, but we have been on the subject of magazine smooching and movie actor obsessing, so I thought I'd mention one more. The sublime Mr. Clive Owen. Woof!

I've seen three of his movies -- Gosford Park, Closer and Sin City -- and he is the best thing on the screen in all three (and that's saying something!). Now my beloved Tallu tends to like her fellas on the prettier side (Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves), but I seem to have a weakness for the beautiful bloke. Slightly rough around the edges, a little on the heftier side, bigger nose (possibly crooked), maybe a scar or two. Clive is perfection.

ALSO - Clive co-starred with Angelina Jolie in Beyond Borders and still managed to stay married to his wife of 11 years. G'bless 'im!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Tallulah's son Yayo.

While discussing the finer points of Cartoon Netwook with my son , Yayo, I opened a piece of mail from a girlfriend. She had called at a difficult moment in my life a few days ago and decided that the only way of cheering me up was by sending a Newsweek Magazine with Johnny Depp on the cover. I proceeded to listen intently to Yayo, but steal quick kisses to the cover...silly I know...yes I'm almost 40, but what the f*ck! Answering a question regarding something that has to do with I don't even wanna say, I was CAUGHT RED HANDED kissing Johnny Depp's face on the cover of Newsweek.

Yayo looked incredulously at me and said: I thought your man was George Clooney? I said that was yesterday, I have Johnny Depp right in front of me.

Yayo said...oh yeah, I thought your man was that dude...Colin Flirt. I said Colin Firth was three days ago...

Well, god, mom, said Yayo exasperated....I really think you ought to be a lesbian.

I said WHAT?

Yayo said...well you love that Ellen woman and you want to live in a cluster (I corrected him....cloister) and she's got 4 mansions and one of them could be your cluster. She seems nice and all....she always makes you laugh those guys will only make you cry.

He's got a point.

Yaye Took Manhattan in 1990

Shakespeare in the Park. Check out the cast list below - it was mind-blowing...

...especially Walken playing Iago with a Brooklyn accent. Also, me so happy to experience Raul Julia before his untimely departure. And Meryl Streep was sitting about four rows in front of me to my right. Such a New York minute!

A Magic Bus from Yaye's Magic Trunk

I won tickets to see The Who from KLSX in 1989. As I recall, my seat was so far away that the video image reached my eyes about 10 seconds before the sound reached my ears. The band looked like colorful jumping beans in the distance (really, only one of them was actually jumping). This was about a year after spending the night hanging out with Entwistle. Well, he told us he needed to raise money to save his estate, and apparently the boys in the band helped him out.

Later that year, I started working the request line for KLSX during their "Brunch with the Beach Boys" show on Sundays ( I wanted to work "Breakfast with the Beatles", but the show was temporarily re-located to another station). That's how I (in passing) met Brian Wilson.

It was a million years ago.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Sunday, June 18, 2006

You're Not Gonna Believe This One, Kids

Getting L.A. Kicks with Dusty Street

Okay, I thought THIS was quite a find, and then I turned it over...

See what happens when I start opening boxes!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yaye's Stinkin' Political Badges

The "U.S. Out of Middle East" and "No Blood for Oil" badges were from 1991. The FIRST time around. I marched on Washington; an exercise in futility.

The rest date back to high school. I was always a Lefty. In fact, a friend and I established a branch of the Alliance for Survival at my high school. When I was 17, I received a letter from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission inviting me to attend a hearing on a license renewal for the Lockheed Corporation facility in the San Fernando Valley. I couldn't attend as I had a history test that day.

Yaye's Stinkin' Music Badges

My favorite: The Anglophiles.

The Portland Posse at the Palomino

Friday, June 16, 2006

It's was 22 years ago today - crime confession from Tallulah

While staining my decking today and listening to the radio (I love Randi Rhodes on Air America), I suddenly realized what day it was...June 16th. This day holds a very special spot in my memory banks. (sinc up Wayne and Garth doing a doodla doodla doodla)

It's 1983, I'm at the Lhasa Club in West Hollywood (near the old ice factory) seeing some bands smokin' clove ciggarettes wearing my retro go-go boots, mini skirt, flourescent green stockings and whatever else. My friends who I came with were tired and they wanted to leave. It was only 10:30 and my curfew was 12:30...I decided to hitch another ride with some other friends...9 boys to be exact, 2 were members of the band I was in, and 7 others were in the Rainbow Whale Association (they were a bunch of hackysak playin' neo hippie valley boys).

Sitting in back of a camper shelled toyota truck I was informed of the need to make a pit stop. I told them it was okay as long as I was home by 12:30 or else I wouldn't be able to see U2 the next night. I wasn't paying attention, but our pit stop was the Santa Monica Pier (several miles from the Lhasa). There was a bar at the end of the pier called Moby's Dock and at the top of it was an iron cast Whale. The Rainbow Whale boys decided that, that was the night they were going to take the whale from atop the bar and use it as a stage prop.

With no tools and only the decorative rope siding on the resteraunt, the boys shimmied up to roof and tried to wiggle the whale off it's bolts. I was standing by the truck as the "lookout". I wanted no part of this but I was stuck in the middle of the night on Santa Monica pier. The salt water had deteriorated the bolts so the whale was easily dismounted from the roof. Taking the rope siding and wrapping around the whale's belly, somehow the boys were able to lower this whale to the boardwalk. As I paced nervously by the truck, two of the boys scurried back to the cab and grabbed 2 sleeping bags, hurriedly unzipped them and ran to camoflauge the iron beast.

They were so close to the truck when the screeching sirens and blinking lights arrived. I was a deer in headlights. I heard a sickening thud - the sound of a sleeping bag wrapped whale hitting the old wood pier and echoing through the carousel. The boys dropped the whale and ran in 9 different directions...I was alone, standing by the truck with a whale on its side with duck and deer flannel sleeping bags carressing its gentle belly about 5 yards away. As I looked back there were many police officers with guns drawn...on me. Before I knew it I was flat on my belly with those horrible cable tie thumb handcuffs.

One by one they rounded up the boys. I remember crying hysterically and my arresting officer was Officer Bird - no sh*t! (Anyone remember Officer Bird the parrot or cockatoo) The boy I was in the squad car with, bless his heart, let me wipe my nose on his knee. (I haven't seen him since that night...I hope he's well)

After I was strip searched at the station, I was placed in a solitary cell directly across from the boys. I was absolutely beside myself in grief (not that I was in trouble with my mom, but that I would most certainly not be seeing U2). The boys felt bad for me because they knew I wanted no part in their shenanigans so they all got together and lined up at the front of their cell and sang: You are so Beautiful to me......considering the fact that my eyes were swollen shut and I had a fountain of goo running from my nose, I thought it a nice gesture.

A few moments later, Officer Bird and another officer (who was kind of cute) took us all into a conference room. They were trying to hide their laughter when they told us that the charge (considering how much the whale was worth) was GRAND THEFT WHALE !!!! I believe we made Santa Monica History that night.

Because we were completely clean, no drugs or alcohol in our system the owners decided to drop all charges. Looking back, we were all so lucky that it was clean livin' night. My mom was absolutely horrified and dismayed...turns out by the time I got home the next morning from jail, I had only wished the only thing I would miss out on was U2. However, when I had to go back the following week to meet with a judge, alone, he noted that I should get more girlfriends and to be careful with whom I galavant with.

So cheers to the Rainbow Whale Association and Ulcer. May you all be parents of teenagers today, and hopefully your teenagers are all girls!

Oh, There's More...

More Goodies

...well, I know I was.

Another Relic from Yaye's Magic Trunk

From Yaye to Tallulah: Surprise!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Do You Know the Way to What the F***?

Seeing Spot brings back soooo many memories of our yutes...

Late night, high speed drives on Mulholland Drive , Tallulah and I singing our duet of "Pencil Penis" with gusto as we teetered at the edge of the San Fernando Valley.

Pulling up next to Davy Jones in his limo, and going apes**t when he rolled down his window and yelled over "Hey girls!" in his cute little Monkee accent. Meanwhile Tallulah's poseur rock star boyfriend in the back seat tried to squeeze his head through my passenger side window to say "Hey Davy, remember me? I was in your video!" Davy didn't remember.

Driving John Entwistle back to his hotel. Need I say more?

Forcing Tallulah to drive me all the way across the Valley from Van Nuys to Reseda (which she considered to be the end of the Earth at the time) so I could get my lucky black bolero hat before we went out clubbing for the evening.

More than anything though, Spot will always remind me of Slack. And the time when we went in Search of Slack. Two buddies on a road trip adventure from L.A. to Santa Cruz and back again.

This trip would also be the origin of "Pop-top vans are old." It was a little discussion Tallulah and I had through sleep-deprived hazes on a Greyhound bus on our way back from Santa Cruz. Yes, I said we had to take public transportation back home, when Spot was grounded by a wounded crankshaft in the lovely burg of Los Banos. With tears in our eyes, we left Spot behind and continued on our quest.

Sometime, we'll have to tell the whole tale...

One thing I will say here: Thank you Lyfie! Because you saved us that weekend. You rock!!

Do you know the Way to Santa Cruz?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Tallulah Toddles

Toddles is such a great word, you almost swallow your own tongue whilst getting out the sounds. It's a word that makes your mouth exercise. (bless thine Violent Femmes). It is also a wonderful descriptor of how I feel I am walking through this world.

I have been a freelancer for many years. I became a freelancer in part because my child was always sick. I'm not talking sniffles, no, never that easy, it was always bacterial pneumonia or scarlet fever or horrific allergic reactions which would knock him out of commission for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. This obviously created a struggle at my job and at home, it's the plight of working mothers all over the world. Though the best thing that ever happened to me during my last traditional corporate employment stint was a killer case of viral meningitis that knocked me out for 2 months. That's when I made the final decision to leave the corporate world behind and figure out another way. And it was great for a while. That was until my husband was aged out of his job. Then it wasn't so great, in fact I must admit after going through this transition which has lasted a few too many years now, it really sucks.

So here I am, at the crossroads, the devil taunting me in one direction, my heart another. For the last 20 years I have taken classes here and there at junior colleges, with the hopes that one day I would be ready to transfer and finish. Being here in WV I decided that the time was now to finally finish what I had degree.

It was just a few weeks ago that Yaye and I were on the phone when a discussion began over Condeleeza Rice buying shoes during Hurricane Katrina. Yaye in her Yaye way or Yaweh, debated with me why it was or wasn't so wrong for Condi to buy shoes during that time . This led me to say the usual comment: Pop top Vans are old, which perhaps Yaye can explain. And I said to her that she should be come a lawyer please read the comments section.

While Yaye gets underway this fall, I will be right behind her as previous engagements require my attention elsewhere (Congratulations Yaye on your College placement Math scores!)

So I continue to toddle, it's far more positive to toddle than to just stop sitting cross legged head in hands in the middle of a busy street with Mac trucks and Soccer moms driving Hummers while giving hummers to their secret lovers - the soccer coach. Anybody been watching the World Cup? I’ve watched a bit...Soccer players are H.O.T. HOT. Oh my god are they hot. I'm usually not one for men in short shorts...but there are always exceptions to the rules. I think I better turn on ESPN... There's some dude on the team from Spain who is so yummy it makes me giggle. I have no need for names...I just want the eye candy. (re-reading the post, is it that obvious I truly struggle with ADD?)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Yaye Manifesto

My rather brief last job, as Marketing Specialist with Hitchcock Fine Home Furnishings, came to an end in December when the venerable New England institution opted to liquidate. Since then, I have predictably been engaged in the ages old struggle to decide what I want to be when I grow up. We all go through it. Again and again.

It's just that I've spent the better part of the past 20 years engaged in a profession that has mostly frustrated and stressed me and, in more recent years, robbed me of anything resembling a personal life. Maybe 10% of the time my work brought me some degree of creative satisfaction -- on a good day with a tail wind.

Stuff I've enjoyed: graphic design; copywriting; creating campaigns and slogans; putting together media plans, running promotional events, working with community groups

Stuff I've hated: pointless meetings; meetings with committees; meetings with non-profit board members; managing tight budgets (even an annual budget of $600,000 is tight depending on what you need to do with it); re-designing, re-writing, re-creating campaigns and slogans at the directive of a non-design, non-marketing, non-creative, micromanaging "superior"; loooooooong hours and days and weeks and weekends of relentless, deadline-driven work to run whole departments single-handedly.

Even though I'd only been with the company for 7 months, I was relieved* when Hitchcock decided to fold. It saved me the trouble of quitting, because I was and I am done with marketing. It is a thankless profession. When the market is strong, it's attributed to outside economic and social influences; when the market tanks, it's all your fault. Head, meet Wall.

So.....what now?

School. I'm going back to school.

1. Complete long overdue degree in English and Education.

2. Become Secondary Education English Teacher.

3. The World.

In that order.

* At the same time that I was deeply saddened by the greater loss of a 18o-year-old legacy company that had been grossly mismanaged into oblivion.

A message from Sally