Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nuthin' worse than a drunk member of the Sterilles: Tallulah

I've had the garage sale. And have decided that the Disable Veterans get all my mom's knick knacks, furniture and miscellani. Have had 4 hours of sleep, dealt with people who would only buy crystal for 25 cents a piece everything had to be haggled. I don't find fun in haggling...what you want this, well then where's the haggle? No no that's not a haggle. You've got to haggle. I'm so sick of this adventure.

So I've now drank 3 bottles of beer and I'm feeling it. It was frickin' hot in So. California...I want rain, 30 degrees and maybe a few snow flurries, I want to go back to West by god Virginia. This heat is just too much on me. But beer goes well with heat. And NOW my mom can't figure out how to turn on her TV. So my brother is driving in LA traffic 15 miles away, might as well be 70 miles away to go turn on my mother's tv. We've worked like dogs and my mother needs her TV turned on. She can't figure out the frickin' buttons. I wonder how all this assisted living thing is really going to work for her. Please I don't want to lose my mind like her. Well, actually, I don't want to lose my mind with an addiction to TV. Do you know how many Matlock reruns I've had to watch with her? More than I care to share. After Matlock comes Hawaii 5-O, is anyone really aware how much David Caruso or Horatio on CSI Miami acts like Jack Lord? Completely...I'm not kidding. I've watched more Jack Lord in the last week than I care to share. Book em Dano.

I'm tired, cranky and very silly tonight. I would like to dance naked right now in the snow. But only for about 30 seconds. Then after that I would like to have a nice hot bath drink hot cocoa and go to bed. I need bed, but I'm too amped up from being to damn tired to actually go to bed. Parco if you're up please call.


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