Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mon père est mort ...

et je "Tallulah" porte des lunettes comme le goldwater barry ....

Yes that's right, my father is dead and I wear glasses like Barry Goldwater. Not only are my $18 buck frames from WallyWorld like Barry Goldwater's they're also like Elvis Costello's and of course just like my father's though I did not realize this until I looked at a post I did about my dad a few months back. This brings the daddy complex to a whole new level. And of course this would come about when I leave next week for a whole month (or more) to put my mom in a nursing home AND sell the beloved house I've called home all my life and all my girlfriends have called home since we can remember.

Why would I, Tallulah bring up Barry Goldwater... funny you should ask that ....there are two things that I can remember my father saying in discussions with other adults. First and lasting memory was my dad pounding the dinner table watching Hollywood Squares and swearing like a sailor that George Gobel was a Nazi. This of course wasn't true, Mr. Gobel "Lonesome George" Gobel was a comedy star on TV in the 1950s and certainly not the real Nazi) As a 7 year old, that was pretty freaky thinking that this mild mannered comic next to Paul Lynde could have been a brutal Nazi...I think it was the 5th of vodka my father had finished before he ate dinner that led him to such a heated and violent conclusion.

However, the second item that I can remember was my father pounding his fists on the table during Watergate (I was about 3 or 4) screaming that if Goldwater was president this shite would not be happening. I always wondered who the hell Barry Goldwater was, because if I knew who Goldwater was I would have had an inkling as to what my father might have been like. So last night I watched about 20 minutes of a documentary about Barry Goldwater....sure wish I could have watched the whole thing. After watching what I did, I'm not sure if my father and I would have been on the same page but I couldn't help but wonder....

All I do know, is ....I have major geek glasses that are like my Dad, Barry Goldwater, Elvis Costello and Drew Carey.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Unbearable Perplexion of Murray

Doug and Murray want to know.

Bok, Bok, Bok