Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yaye's Stinkin' Political Badges

The "U.S. Out of Middle East" and "No Blood for Oil" badges were from 1991. The FIRST time around. I marched on Washington; an exercise in futility.

The rest date back to high school. I was always a Lefty. In fact, a friend and I established a branch of the Alliance for Survival at my high school. When I was 17, I received a letter from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission inviting me to attend a hearing on a license renewal for the Lockheed Corporation facility in the San Fernando Valley. I couldn't attend as I had a history test that day.


Anonymous Eternally your parco said...

Oh Parco, while I was getting arrested you were working for world peace. I attended a few no nukes rallies in the 80s at the federal building and I believe I flipped off the cameras that the police were using to document the dissidents. I'll never be able to go into politics, there's way too much dirt on me.

I still have my no handgun button somewheres in the archives.


9:39 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Wish I still had all that energy! Whew!

10:22 PM  

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