Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yaye Brings You Some Hong Kong Phooey

WARNING: Talk of ladybits below.

I had to share. Read if you dare.

Royal Palace Treasure Feminine Herbal Cream is the ancient secret of Queens and concubines to please their kings. At the application of this cream, even women who have given birth to many children can again enjoy sex life as it was in their honeymoons. Its formulation is based on secrets of ancient Chinese court herbalists. The cream is composed by selected precious herbs and manufactured under the utmost care.

Directions: Squeeze a small amount of cream onto finger and apply liberally to the outside of the vagina 5 minutes before intercourse.

From the Veryasia website. A product of Hong Kong. 2 for $15.99, ladies!!

On the website the heading for this product is "Royal Place Treasure Cream for Women."


Anonymous Talloooooo said...

Well thanks for the heads up...Honeymoon huh...That was a loooong time ago. But 2 for 15.99 well then I'm in, want to go in on halves?

7:33 PM  
Anonymous yayeeeeeee said...

I'm in!

Seriously, what do you think it does? 5 minutes before sex...applied to the outside of the vagina.

All theories welcome!

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Talu said...

It probably just heats up and is menthol related...or maybe it's just a way to ensure SOMEONE is doing a bit of foreplay before the inevitable.

12:11 PM  

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