Thursday, October 11, 2007

About the fancy cream...message from Tallu

Yes, no fancy cream can even begin to compete with the almost completion of the strawbale workshop that we've been working on all summer long. The wood...came from the trees on our property, the windows - double glass argon filled vinyl windows - came from an auction that particular window you see there: 20 bucks, Strawbales - came from 2 hours away in a town near Pittsburgh, Red car - oh that's mine - came from a car dealership - not a Honda or Toyota, someday when I can afford a good Japanese car or German car this little red number will go to Yayo - but it gets almost 40 mpg...and it's a manual, oh how I missed driving manual.

See those posts holding up the stucture? I helped to put those in. This shop was built by 3 people: Mr. T, Yayo and Mr. T's buddy...we'll call him Buddy. More shots later....


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