Monday, January 30, 2006

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme the Honky Butt Blues

Singin' 'bout those Honky Tonk Wimmen in Hyde Park, this was The Rolling Stones' first concert with newbie Mick Taylor following the death of Brian Jones in 1969:

Yaye -
Just think, every dewy faced hipster in this clip is at least 50 years old today. I like to think about things like that - call me evil, if you will. How 'bout Mick "The Buttless Wonder" Jagger's choo-choo, huh? I just feel sorry for his woefully unprotected coccyx. And is that Keith Richards on guitar or
P.J. Harvey's homely spinster sister?

Tallulah -
Boy that must be some good smack they're on. That ain't rock n' roll it's a frickin' dirge. And how bout those youthful yuppies...My god is that MY MOTHER IN THE FRONT ROW???? Wait, hold on! Who's shoulders is she on? That's not my dad...

Yaye -
Jagger's got a hamster in his trousers!

Tallulah -
Someone call PETA, quick!


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