Monday, January 23, 2006


So suddenly, after about 4 years of silence, Osama bin Laden is back, huh? Threatening Merckins on Merckin soil, right? Incredible timing! I mean, what has changed for Osama all of the sudden? Why emerge now? Why threaten now? I can't imagine why he would.....wait a minute! I just thought of something! It couldn't be because his old family buddy Barbara's dim-witted son is in trouble, could it? Not because a real statesman emerged last week to fearlessly and directly charge the current administration -- and the chief executive, in particular -- with blatantly criminal wiretapping and a flagrant disregard for the essential checks and balance system erected by our revolutionary forefathers? Not because even Conservative Americans find themselves wondering about their Georgie Boy and his Buddies, and what they've been up to while we're watching the fireworks display due East? It couldn't be because people are whispering "impeachment," could it?

It's like the worse kind of Hollywood hack writing. I feel sick.


Anonymous Tallooooo said...

They wire tapped John Kerry. Isn't that kind of action what brought Nixon down? Why isn't this imbicile goin' down? Why???Why??? Let's hire an intern to give him a blow job and then maybe we'll see impeachment. Then again, let's all just take another Zanax and ferget about it, it's the new American way.

2:32 PM  

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