Friday, January 27, 2006

Dave....This Promo is Lame, Dave.....Dave

Looking more like Roger McGuinn than Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie's early version of "Space Oddity" with accompanying hilarious pseudo-"2001" promo video:

Yaye -
Clearly, they blew the budget on Major Tom's genie bottle menage-a-trois space set and had nothing left over for the Ground Control half of the video. Love the cheap blue cellophane & tin foil-covered cardboard space helmet, the "GC" t-shirt and hat worn at a jaunty angle, and the space nymphettes dressed in Victorian nightdresses. Is that a space kazoo solo? As my husband sang along: "This video is gay-hay-hay" - not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tallulah -
Producer speaks to David during costuming: David, David, I just picked up an American Baseball Umpire vest at a flea market. Here's what we'll do...yeah yeah it's brilliant. We'll spray paint it silver and then we'll take a giant white sticker and use some rub on lettering. See...Major Tom...the kids'll love it.Now David, towards the end, give me sexy with the girls. Make crazy space love with your eyes as if you were burning with tin foil girls, yes dance, sway...

Is this the film that inspired Stevie Nicks?

Yaye -
Speaking of inspiration, ya gotta wonder, what was Bowie's inspiration for his Ground Control character?
Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur? Oh Ma-a-ajor To-o-m.....

Tallulah -
It think it's more Gilligan. This is Ground Control to Skipper...come in Skipper....

Skipper: GROOUUUUNNNDDD CONNTROOLLLLL get me out of this thing, Ginger and Mary Ann have taken the too many protein pills and they've gone crazy. Listen little buddy, little buddy.....come in little buddy...


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