Sunday, January 29, 2006

I-I-I Just Can't Wait, I-I-I Got a Date

In honor of Tallulah's courageous confession of girly love, we present the Bay City Roller's promo for their cover of Dusty Springfield's "I Only Want to Be With You":

Yaye: OhTallu, Eric IS the Rocker in the Rollers! (silence) No further comments about him. Moving on to "Woody" Wood, I contend that Haley Joel Osment is the right guy to play him in the big screen adaptation -- and he wouldn't even have to grow up first to do so. Les "Bobble Head" McKeown's chest is so white it's transparent - he's a Scottish hologram.

Tallulah: It is very clear watching this clip that Eric Faulkner is the same tired type Tallu has always fallen for: Baby sad eyes, scruffy, emotionally detached, probably with odd fetishes. He looks and acts like Tallu's former "rock star" boyfriend who used to have pictures of himself and Marc Bolan plastered all over his apartment.

Tallu's Motto-lulah: I may not make good choices, but I'm ALWAYS consistent.


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