Monday, January 23, 2006

True Confession from Tallu: I've had an affair for 4 years

It started innocently enough, on Tuesday nights at nine, I would let the answering machine do it's job, ignore my husband, tell my son that if he even decides to walk into the room for the next hour, he'll be sorry...very very sorry. I started to cancel dinner dates with friends on Tuesdays, making up lame excuses that I had to work late, wouldn't get home till at least 10. On Sunday nights I would count down the minutes until I would meet up with my emotionally aloof, gun weilding bad ass (with a hidden heart of gold) boy friend, Jack Bauer. I'm not talking Kiefer "Young Guns Brat Pack" Sutherland...I'm talkin' Jack, baby...

Last year, he decided to change our date to Mondays, that was okay, I was just happy he was coming back. This year (we're going on our 5th year), I can't bear it, Jack is just so damn...well the way I seem to like the men in my life: emotionally aloof, gun weilding bad ass (with a hidden heart of gold).

At 8:56 my Yaye called me, possibly to alert me to her recent post discussing her ummm thingy with that American Idol Justin guy...I'm not here to judge, but i couldn't pick up for fear that I would miss any moment with my love, Jack Bauer. So Yaye, I'm sorry, but on Mondays from 9-10, I'm with my secret boyfriend.


Anonymous yaye said...

Yes Tallu, I did call to warn you about my racy post, and despite the fact that I didn't know that "24" was on, it occurred to me that it might be -- that or "The West Wing." Those are the only two shows I know of that will result in certain reubffal of my call.

By the way, you still need to divulge your erotic dream lovin' embarassment, missy. Because Jack Bauer is not embrassing AT ALL!

'Fess up, sistah! It's good for the soul

9:11 AM  

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