Sunday, January 22, 2006

Morning Girl and Night Guy!

When Gatsby, our male dog, hopped up on the bed this morning to lick Mr. Yaye's sleeping face, urgently announcing that it was time for a visit to the doggie yard, I mumbled, "It's your turn." This was a reference to the fact that I got up early yesterday and took Gatsby on a half hour walk. Without hesitation, my husband declared, "You're Morning Girl and I'm Night Guy!" and turned over to catch up with his snorky snore, already in progress. I couldn't argue with such a firm (and accurate) declaration, so I threw my leather coat over my jammie and took Gatsby out.

It also inspired me to toss together the little graphic above. (Yeah, it's the Wonder Twins!)


Anonymous Talluah said...

Wonder Twins Powers, Activate!

Form of large comfy blanket

Form of Hot Coffee surging through blood stream

2:08 PM  

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