Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Antmusic for Da-Diddalee-Qua-Qua!

From the 1981 Prince Charming album, Adam and the Ants put on the warpaint to promo "Stand and Deliver":

Yaye -
Ah, boys in makeup and puffy shirts! I'm amazed at how fresh and unique this music still sounds, especially with Marco Pirroni's Dick Dale-meets-Captain Hook guitar styling. When I saw Adam Ant perform live in 1983 (with little-known opening act INXS), I was shocked at his small stature and incredibly oversized noggin, but that didn't stop me from desperately lurving him. He was a singing pirate, people!

Yar...me thinks his ego is the same size as his head...OVERSIZED. I met him once, he had a clammy hand shake.


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