Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Attack of the Killer Yellow Jackets

I've (Tallulah) decided that a picture of a real yellow jackets is scary so I've opted to simply put up a picture of a yellow jacket. The following is what happened today.

I was minding my own business working on the website that will take forever to complete and I hear this horrible gut wrenching gutteral screams of pain coming from Yayo. He's clutching his side like he's been seriously injured. (Sadly, first thought is no insurance how much is this going to cost?) I run to him, he's absolutely panicked and I can't seem to understand him through his screams of pain. All I could get out was that "Dad hurt too" - Oh good god.

I grab Yayo all 6'5" of him and put him in the bathroom he's pulling his hair. He finally says...Dad and I attacked by a swarm of Yellow Jackets I start looking at his body, there are at least 40 stings that I could tell. I grab baking soda, run around for benadryl...must find Old Man...he's allergic to honey bees...does that mean yellow jackets too?

Find him he's bright red and moaning. ..he's been stung everywhere but his face. Where the hell did I put the benadryl.

Call emergency room to get advice...they tell me that can not legally give any advice and if I feel like bringing them in I should...Old Man won't go. Call everyone I know in the medical profession...tell them what I've given them. Med friends say...if throat is not closing up and tongue not tingling then Benadryl should work just fine, they'll just be in pain. One pal says to make poultice of aspirin. I go one step further... it produced sweet relief with boys:

Grind up into paste:

Aspirin (a handful)
Baking Soda (half a handful)
Plantain tea (pick a bunch from the lawn boil and steep for 20 minutes) Mix in bowl it will get frothy, rub on stings with cotton ball. No scientific evidence on this remedy, it's just what my head kept telling me to do.

Research done, yellow jackets go crazy this time of year (late summer and fall)

see article:

Seasonal incidence of insect stings: autumn 'yellow jacket delirium'

Boys seem to be doing okay, they're asleep. I've checked several times, they're breathing... I believe we'll survive.

And how was your day?


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All well now?

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