Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tallu's Deathwatch 2007

I've chosen the apple blossom as my symbol of death. Why? I don't know maybe because I didn't feel like creating a graphic. Let me see if I can make an analogy to life and death with an apple blossom.

An Apple Blossom is born a bud (whoa dude a bud! Chah! Yah Brah!) Then it like totally blossoms to like a blossom which is totally like a teenager...whatever....then it slowly becomes an apple. When the apple is ripe it gets ripped out of like its comfort zone, plucked unsuspectingly into a bag (for this discussion). Then brought into a kitchen where it is again prodded with giant TEETH and EATEN then tossed away to be composted somewheres.

I'm still on death watch for two old friends and I've talked to both of them for at least an hour ...it's never easy to say goodbye. I don't want giant teeth to eat them, but I know we will all be composted in someway. I guess, it puts everything into perspective so may I just make a little note to the few who read the blog...

Here's what I want at my memorial...cause I want to be cremated.

1. Lots and lots of good wine. Red or white doesn't matter cause well I won't be there.
2. Lots and Lots of cheese, good bread, olives, chocolate and snacky things...I have always liked to snack.
3. Music, music and more music.
4. People MUST dance.
5. Fireworks
6. Bubbles
7. Elephant Rides
8. Women must wear silly tiaras and/or feathered boas
9. Men MUST NOT wear suits. However, someone must wear a Fez and someone else a 10 gallon hat and then there must be someone to wear a Beret.
10. Hurdy Gurdy Man with monkey...I like monkeys.

PS: Smidgen of Ashes to be scattered in the following places: Pacific Ocean (near where I got arrested), In the woods behind my house, Connecticut, Philly, New York (in case I never get there....if I do get there then I will update), Puerto Neuvo, Baja Mexico.

I know this is a morbid post, but I had to put it out there. Please whatever you do don't forget the Hurdy Gurdy Man... I just loved those little monkeys...


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