Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tallu said A O Way to Go Ohio (insert killer bassline here)

Well my mama is a movin' closer to her youngest...me.

About 1 hour ago...I learned that I can move my mother to Ohio as her HMO is also based there. This was not information that was previously given to me, but there was a new HR benefit person and she was very willing to do an excellent job for me...yay new employees that care about doing their job!

So the adventure of ailing parent and child trying to keep a career continues. Only this journey will include cross country shinanigans and more commuting on behalf of me. I really really want a Prius or a diesel Jetta from the 90s (they gets lots of good mpg). And luckily this time I will have camera at the ready to chronicle.

I can see some new posts in the future like:

  • A wheelchair and train: The story of mama's ride
  • Tallu goes to Cleveland
  • Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame - Why is it in Ohio?
  • Cleveland Rocks - does it really?
Stay tuned for answers to all this and more in weeks to come....


Anonymous yaye said...

This is great news!

I know it would really alleviate alot of worry (not to mention the exorbitant expense of transcontinental airfare) for you to have her closer! And I think your mom would be much happier seeing your bright, shining smile on a regular basis.

I hope this can come together with a minimum of stress and traum for all!

Lots of love!!!!!!!

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Tallulah said...

Yes it is great news and the best part about it is....I don't have to move her out of a home she's lived in for a billion years.

Seriously though not to mention on blog or anything but I have a left a few messages and would like to, you know, hear your shining voice sometime soon.

Of course I shall patiently await until your ready but soooooooo much has occurred and I would like to share outside of here said blog.

louvre ya

10:49 PM  

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