Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tallu, You've Got to Rock Your Bella Streak...

Take your inspiration from this image by Bumblescutt...

...and check out the henna body art in this one by Hito...

Twice envisioned with your streak. How can you be anyone else for Halloween?
No rubber masks...EVER!!!

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Anonymous tallulahtrix said...

Oh my darling parco...Bellatrix is Sirius' sister...oh how West Virginia of me. I shall be her even though I hate her. I shall work on her costume after this muther=f*cking web debacle launches. I shall call you over the weekend to clue you in on the hell that I have been through. Funny how things that weren't my problem become my problem by default. Very very long story.

My streak is now half way down my face. I have no intention of ever getting rid of it now, seems like a signature. Once I can get a decent photo I shall send and you will be agast at the sheer silvery-ness of it all.

I miss you. Week from hell...must get back to Snape it is bedtime you know. ;-)

9:53 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

She's his cousin, not his sister!

We'll talk.

Snapey dreams.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Tallu said...

Okay it's not so West Virginia but more Ohio or Nevada.

Darcy dreams to you.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous l.r. said...

wait.... a "bella streak?" like susan sontag or rogue from x-men?

2:55 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Lyfeeeee - I haven't actually seen it myself, so I can't really comment...but you've got the right idea. Hopefully, we can get Tallu to post her pic to the blog, so we can ALL see her bitchen streak! :-)

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Tallulahtrix said...

Okay...well that famous streak o'mine may just be on TV in the next week, but you guys won't see it cause it will be on my local TV. Yes, it is sort of like Rogue only because I don't have the GUTS to be Storm, which is what I would look like if I didn't "protect" the only natural part of my hair around the dye job that I do faithfully every 6 weeks.

As the last hairdresser said to me the last time I had my hair professionally dyed. I am 80% gray. Life has been a bitch and it shows on my head LOUD AND CLEAR!!

But I must say, I do love my Silver Streak (wasn't that a Richard Pryor movie or am I just crazy...could be a mixture of both)

Lyfee, you and the wife come to West Virginia on a road trip to CT. We'll make you big big bon fire and good grub. It's time. Wyfee must meet Yaye and Tallu! And Yaye and Tallu must meet Wyfee. Ain't that right Yaye....

11:07 PM  
Anonymous lyf said...

YEs, one of these days we must needs take an east coast road trip!
A while back, we had considered moving to Raleigh Durham (sp?), but San Diego happened instead. :) We do get to visit Jo's mom in FL and her dad in NY every now and then, but the in between parts we have yet to visit other than DC.

BTW, I am also trying to convince my S.O. that the silver streak is nothing to fear - I think it looks sophisticated and grrrrrrr!

(though i would be grateful for a head of hair of any color these days....)

11:35 AM  

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