Friday, July 06, 2007

Yaye Melts in Your Mouth...

Bloggess (Blog+Goddess), Jenny of ljcfyi recently made herself into a Simpsons character, but I preferred her M&M version from a few months back, so I decided to follow suit: meet Urban Candy-coated Yaye!

Jenny's blog was the very first one I ever read back in 2002 (or possibly late 2001, not sure). Believe me, I felt like a freak reading this woman's daily journal of her life. Little did I know the Blogcano that would soon erupt and leave none unscathed.

Her blog should be the template for all others. It's impeccable, with customized icons and stellar banners (she's outrageously creative), categories, archives, etc. -- and it really is updated EVERY DAY! She seems to lead an ideal life full of friends, family and celebration, which she captures with digital photos every step of the way (she works for Kodak!). She's the kind of person who makes an occasion out of every life occurence, and thereby makes the rest of us feel like slugs.

I lurv her, in a non-stalker, devoted blog reader kind of way.

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Anonymous Talu and lu said...

You are one adorable candy coated chocolate morsel!!!

10:21 PM  

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