Saturday, February 24, 2007

And now Tallu bids you all sweet dreams...


Anonymous leeford "pride was palmer's best album" roam said...


Me likey the Jam and Sousxie too. Wish the current radio "nostalgia" marketing phase would focus more on the good music of days gone by...

When Joanne and I were in Cozumel last week, all the bars were playing continous 80's hits= you know Bon Jovi, Men Without Hats... cripes! Heard two good songs in all the time we were there on the gringo radio - Talking Heads' Once in a Lifetime and Power Station's Some Like It Hot (a guilty pleasure admittedly).

What scaries me is the thought that I will spend my twilight years convalescing in some retirement home in 2045 and forced to listen to Whitesnake....

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Tallluuuu said...

I can't imagine spending my final days listening to David Coverdale. I too wonder what those years will bring...Perhaps Stacy Q and Debbie Gibson will be sitting around the common room piano singing the only the choice cuts from Slippery When Wet.

Good to hear from you Lyfee..I seem to be alone over here.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous lr said...

hallu tallu!

actually, i would pay to see that... "Debbie Gibson for Polident."

it seems as we get older there is less room in the collective cultural memory for anyone that wasn't at the cheerleaders table in the cafeteria- the demographic police assume that we all want to hear that stupid Berlin song from topgun and think of the good ol' days at homecoming.

and yah - whither yaye? snowed in?

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Tallu said...

I still think Molly Ringwald as a spokeswoman for a mutual fund company would be like the boomer's Dennis Hopper retirement commercial.

I can see the commercial now - tck tick tick que up the opening chords and sax sounds of Pretty in Pink. Voice Over: "Remember when you were Pretty in Pink, seems like ages ago, but today having your retirement in pink isn't pretty. At TD Ameritrade, we're here to keep your finances in something more suitable (que black suit, pan up to Duckie)

?And you know (close up on Molly) I bet you're still pretty in pink."

Fade out...see all of us choking on our stewed prunes and buttermilk.

(mee thinks yaye is working a lot right now)

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Lyford LaFontaine said...

"Hey! Wha' Happened?"

12:48 PM  

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