Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Old Jeans, Old fabric glitter glue, Old buttons and beads

Whilst Yaye was caccooning and I was freaking out about oh so many things, I diverted my attention for a few hours and made these purses. I don't use these purses as a matter of fact I made them for one of my newbie friend's two daughters.

Front of purse:

The back of the purses

The Inner LiningDetail of cutesy stuff that is apropos for two young girls. All of my glittery glue stuff had dried up over the years therefore the pics below are very simple...during this project I definitely threw away a lot of old unusable craft supplies.


Anonymous yaye said...

Oh, how cute are you?! I certainly like your purses better than Monica Lewinsky's!!

5:26 PM  
Anonymous talu said...

I forgot she was selling purses...do you remember when I sold her rubber mask?

6:22 PM  

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