Monday, June 11, 2007

Simple pleasures by Tallulah, Daisies and Yarrow Bouquet

Nothin' beats pickin' wild daisies and yarrow during a cool morning walk
for a country-fried bouquet. Picked just for you, Yaye!

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Anonymous yaye said...

I have no idea what Yarrow is other than the last name of Peter from Peter, Paul and Mary...but I LOOOOOOOVE that bouquet!! Look at that, in a Mason Jar no less. Here we see the beautiful side of country living....ahhhhhhhhhhh.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous tallu said...

Me glad you like. I had no idea what Yarrow was either until my herbal assoc pals started to tell me all the things that grow wild out heres.

There will be more bouquets to come for you my dearest Yaye...

Here are some interesting facts about yarrow:

Yarrow is one of the most popular of herbs for use in herbal medicine
- many herbalists consider that if they were forced to choose only one native plant to use for multi purposes, it would be Yarrow
- Yarrow contains the alkaloid achilleine; occasionally used in present times to stop a menstrual cycle


9:45 PM  

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