Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tallu thanks PeoplePC that sent a "free" trial CD to her

Tallulah loves to recycle and be good to the earth. So when People PC sent her a free trial CD, she opted to make a suncatcher /bird freaker out of the generous offer. Here you see Tallulah has used a Styrofoam vegetable tray that all her veggies from the store seem to unfortunately come in, instead of newspaper to catch any glue spillage from gluing all the very happy glass baubles.

She has also tied two fishing lines so that when the suncatcher /bird freaker twirls in the sun, it doesn't snap off so easily. Cause the last time Tallulah made CD suncatchers the single fishing lines all snapped in half because of the metal fencing. Long boring story...but Tallulah thinks she's fixed the issue.

Happy Suncatcher / Bird Freaker, hanging out with raspberries
Closeup of hanging suncatcher...you can see how the glue dried...kind of neat huh, the styrofoam veggie tray was great instead of newspaper because the glue didn't stick to the styrofoam and with a little rinsing, one can reuse the Styrofoam tray again and again.

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Anonymous yaye said...

Very pretty!! And useful! In fact, I could have used one in the garden today, as I saw a congregation of mourning doves converging on my newly sown vegetable garden. They probably picked out all the corn seed. Boo.

Styrofoam veggie trays! What the-! No likey. Another Boo.

Hey do those beads have flat bottoms? What was their original intended use? So pretty.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anti- Un voleur de maïs said...

Boo, corn robbers! bird freaker suncatchers are a must. AND PeoplePC just sent me another CD trial...I will make another one, this time with metallic foils or maybe some broken mirror pieces...

As far as the glass, yes they are completely flat, I believe the intended purpose for these are for the bottom of glass vases, aquariums, and craft projects... Dollar Tree is the happiest place to buy glass baubles, all bags are a buck, even better than a bagfullbark!

And I can't believe they use styrofoam either...it's West Virginia they haven't been taught about the evil ways. I'm tryin' though...baby steps

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Pro Carpet Cleaning said...

Probably the cleverest use of a styrofoam vegetable tray I've ever seen! :)

7:10 AM  

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