Monday, June 11, 2007

Egg Flower chock full o' Mega 3s

At Tallulah's farm, her chickens roam free climbing up hills, scratchin' for bugs n' grubs everywhere. It is said the cage free Chickens, not the ones that are allowed to hit dirt for 10 minutes a day, are chock full of Omega 3s and low in cholesterol.

Whatever, we just get 20 of these a day! I can not make any more angel food cake....the local 4H camp just received 6 dozen of our roamin' eggs as a donation. I wonder if they'll be able to tell the difference....

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Anonymous yaye said...

Back in my NYC Vegan days, I went for about a year and a half without eating an egg. Very hard for me to imagine now, as eggs are the protein cornerstone of my diet (and I use that word loosely!).

I buy Land O' Lakes Cage Free eggs, and I sincerely hope that isn't just some marketing ploy, but that the company is held to some standard of cage-free-ness since that's their main claim to fame. But who knows? I'm so cynical now, I believe almost nothing in print. Know what I mean?

Hey, is the little guy at 10 o' clock in the photo really blue or is that some optical illusion due to the rich brown-ness of the other eggs?

I hope it's blue. Once in a blue egg. Eggshell blue? Pretty.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous tallu said...

The little guy is actually a bluish green, comes from an Aracana (SP) chicken, there really are Green Eggs, except when you open it it's the same as any other egg.

And I'm sorry, but Cage free only means that the chicks have access to 10 minutes of ground time a day. You're best bet is to find a local chicken owner who let's their chickens roam for more than 10 minutes. There is a huge difference.

I am so freaked out by the food supply I can't stomach going into stores anymore.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Yet another victory for cynicism!


9:44 PM  
Anonymous tallu said...

NICE flippin' rock! Welcome back.

me luvs you

10:11 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Thank you. It's good to be home. Me luvs you too (as mentioned under "slim pickins" above).


10:16 PM  

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