Friday, February 03, 2006

Yaye's Cake Crisis

Ohhhhhh Tallulah, you got off sooooo easy! Let me tell ya sistah, in my refrigerator as I type are the leftovers of my husband's birthday cake purchased by co-workers. A SHEET CAKE.

PLUS several (well there are four left now) chocolate-on-chocolate cupcakes made by a lady in his vanpool. Do you see their chocolatey GOOOOOEY GOODNESS?

See, I was trying to be a good girl, so I bought his favorite ice cream to celebrate his birthday. He's really not a fan of cake anyway, and I can resist ice cream with little effort this time of year - a much safer choice for me. But they haven't invented a time of year when cake is off the menu.

I'm home with it, all alone. And my husband doesn't even like cake.

I've been doing the, "Oh I'll just slice this really skinny piece off the edge and that will give me a taste...(5 minutes later)...well, that slice was really very small, so I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have another teeny-weeny piece..." and so on. I ate the "B" in Birthday.



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