Monday, February 20, 2006

Teenage Wasteland

I still feel expletives rushing to the tip of my tongue every time I think about that fact that Tallu's little Yayo is 15 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!!!!!!! Jesum Crow (as the Mainers say)!!!

Tallu, weren't we 15 like three weeks ago? Remember our own motley crew of retrogrrrls hanging out by the swimming pool listening to "Who's Next" and "Wham Bam Thank You M'am" whilst practicing our British accents and planning our next foray over to Moby Disc to torture Dana the Disc Monster and his staff of spiky-haired 30-something musicians in their dead-end day jobs? Remember how cool we thought they were?

Remember our band, The Anglophiles? Remember "Hey Jude"? My song "Love Hate Liver"? Your song "Purple, Green, Blue and Red"? Remember toe-crushing pointy shoes and black zipper pants and using hydrogen peroxide on our hair? The white Vans we painted into Union Jacks? Listening to Pete Townshend's "Empty Glass" album through headphones when we were supposed to be studying how to conjugate etre in French class?

Sometimes my heart just aches and aches with the weight of all these memories of togetherness and goofiness and believing that anything (even being The Beatles) was possible.


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