Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tallulah's Battle with Apathy

I try very hard not to get political publicly. There are many reasons for this: 1) There are other bloggers who are way better at it than me; 2) I can only keep so many facts in my head at a time; 3) I live in a very conservative area, and well, they all thought Kerry was gonna take their guns. (I try not to turn purple in rage and chuckle at the same time with that last statement). However, there is one thing in the news that caught my attention and I can not silence myself.

It appears that the U.S. Committee of Foreign Investments are about to outsource port security to Dubai Ports, owned by....wait for it....wait for it...the United Arab Emerites! Home of a few of those pesky Hijackers! Yes that's right, this committee has approved turning over control of the following ports: New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Op-Ed from Conservative Washington Times

Dubai Company's Control of Six Ports 'Boggles the Mind'

WHAT???? Okay, so China owns our debt and now, for argument's sake, UAE owns our ports. I think King George is selling our country right from under our feet and we're not doing anything about it! I mean, a select few are trying, I wonder what can I do?

I am so sick of form petitions to my senators, my vote does NOT count (we're about to get non-receipt electonic voting machines). Protesting doesn't work, but it keeps the posterboard companies in business (I wonder if the posterboards protestors use are really made in this country?). I am sick to my stomach. I am white hot with anger. I am apathetic, because no matter what I feel in the "privacy" of my own home, I am powerless to make a change, therefore I do almost nothing.

Any ideas would be helpful on how to make a change. But no suggestions on writing senators, protesting or voting, I do two of those things already. I mean, I went to a few No Nukes protests in the 80s and a hemp legalization thing...I'll never be able to run for office.

I'm glad I changed my party to Independent. Politics are ugly...I need some chocolate, and some potato chips with dip, some cheese and crackers, pizza with lots and lots of black olives....oohhh wait, kalamata olives. Artichokes with a mayo garlic dip, a big big salad with lots of feta cheese.

Current political issues are making me fat.


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