Thursday, February 09, 2006

El Nacho Muy Macho

Opening June 2, 2006 - Jack Black IS Nacho Libre, "a Mexican priest who secretly moonlights as a masked wrestler in order to save an orphanage from closure." ( Madre mia!! Visit the movie site and you can download one of the brilliant wallpapers (like the photo above) to adorn your 'puter screen. I did.

Finally, a movie with the cojones to take on Lucha Libre! Arrrrrrrribaaaaaaa!!!!! (Yayecita shoots her pistoles in the air!)

Isn't Jack Black the guy who annoyed you and your friends in Junior High with his relentless inane shinanigans, yet you secretly harbored a wee crush on him (disclosed only in code to your pad-locked secret Diary)? He. Is.


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