Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mystery Men Contest

Yaye -
Oh Tallulah.....? Do you recognize this Fuzzy little Rock n Roll Troll??? He cornered us after one of his L.A. gigs to regale us with tales of how he wrestled Satan for his toenails and made a necklace of them.

Tallulah -
Oh My!!!! I wonder what he REALLY looks like now...Oh how I remember Mr. Fuzzy's dissertaton on Bell Bottoms in the latter part of the 80's, sitting next to him on a recording studio floor in Venice, CA at 3am. At the time, we were both working on an album for a patchouli-wearing 60's psychedelic rocker who had a few too many psychedelics in his time. The aged psychedelic rocker obviously was "Pushing Too Hard" and his keyboard player was certainly "Born to be Wild" and had enjoyed a long, long "Magic Carpet Ride". I have "seed"ed this recollection, anyone who is not Yaye who guesses correctly all of the "rock stars" in this comment, will win something from Tallulah. Not sure what. Any guessers out there?


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