Monday, February 20, 2006

Tallulah's Motley Crew

My son turned 15 on Sunday...15!!! How in the world did that happen???? Anyway, for his birthday he wanted to have a little sleepover gaming party with his buddies from school. I was very excited about this, you say to yourself...ugghh WHY? Why would any self-respecting parent want a sleepover with a bunch of 15 year old boys. Well, it's because since we've moved to West Virginia, friends are hard to come by for my fine young son and the fact that he had more than one friend he wanted to invite over was a wonderful thing. He spent the better part of 12 months very lonely in a strange place.

You may wonder, what do 15 year old boys want to do at a slumber party. They want to drink mass quantities of Mountain Dew so that they can stay up all night gaming! They brought their sacred Playboys, looked at lots of boobs, giggled, and talked about fatherhood. That's right one of them is about to be a father. Infact, there was some speculation that I would have to get up in the middle of the night and take this boy to a central meeting place so that he could get to the hospital in time. Luckily, the girlfriend did not go into labor and I was able to get to sleep at 1am.

Yaye and I talked all night cause I had to make myself scarce. Overheard by Yaye:

"Hey kids help youself to anything in the fridge. "

"Ms. Tallulah, can I have some olives?"

"Uh-no you can have one, those are my sacred olives and I don't like to share them, but if you've got to try one, then have ONE. Allow me to rephrase kids: You can have anything in the fridge that's pizza." (Yaye on the other end of the phone giggling)

Overheard by me

Hey, Yayo, you're mom is really cool

Yayo: Yeah, people say that about her.

Hey Ms. Tallulah, can I call you Mom.
Yes, my little Trent Reznor, you may.
Cool, Hey mom...
Who's a better guitar player, Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix?
Hmmm, that's a good question (I then rattle on about my theory of who's better)
Ummm, okay like whatever, I think John Bonham is the best drummer.
Hmmm okay, what about Keith Moon

Yayo says to mom after all the kids are gone: Mom that was the best birthday ever!

I hugged and kissed my little boy of 15 years who's 6'2" with light facial hair.


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