Sunday, February 19, 2006

Y & T's Birthday-O-Rama Weekend!

Yaye -

My sister Lola had a birthday on Friday. She had plans with work friends on Friday night, so she and I celebrated together yesterday. We planned to go see "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (because we are geeks) on the one commercial IMAX screen here in Connecticut, which happens to be located half the state away from where I live.

A couple of flurry flakes decided to multiply into a squall just as I was leaving home to pick her up, and as I drove, I ended up sliding through, not one, but two different hill-bottom intersections with my ABS pumping away uselessly. Luckily, no collisions. Traffic creeped, I saw a couple of fishtails and one poor bastard stuck in a grassy highway median, spinning in circles. By the time I got to my sister's 40 minutes later (it normally takes about half that), I was done with distance driving for a while.

"Harry" on IMAX was put on the "to do" pile, and instead sister and I decided to stay local and go shopping (lots of stores close to her place). We bopped from store to store, lunching and girling it up, buying her a new area rug and pretty jewelry boxes and mirrors for her new apartment. We created cool-looking homemade coasters for her coffee table. We dreamed up lists for future home-improvement purchases and projects. It was so much fun! And it allowed us to truly enjoy one another and being together so much more than sitting side-by-side in a theatre for three hours could have done.

That squall I struggled through proved to be the worst weather of the entire day. Although it was bitt-tt-tterly cold, there was no further significant snowfall. It was as though Mother Nature turned it up just to stop me in my tracks and ensure that I took in the beautiful sight of my sister in her current flowering and didn't miss the sweet, simple joy of sharing our little lives.

Yeah, I'm sure that's great comfort to that poor spinning bastard stuck in the snow. Thanks, man!


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