Monday, July 24, 2006

Tallulah Searches for her Inner Clooney

A very long phone conversation occurred between Yaye and I. I believe we could be knee deep in a midlife crisis as we approach 40 at an exceedingly rapid pace. We discussed the pitfalls of being a woman; working, cleaning, nurturing etc… This is when the subject of George Clooney came up, not in our typical saucy way…well okay maybe for a few moments, but then it turned “serious”. Our pal George is a man’s man, a ladies man, intelligent, really frickin’ funny and owns a villa in Italy. I have decided it’s time for us to reach our inner Clooney.

When one reaches innerClooney the following will happen:

You will age with saucy grace

You can amass many lovers without the stigma of “Jezebel”

Others will put YOUR dishes in the dishwasher AND put them away


Anonymous yaye said...

"Hugh Grant has no lips." I've decided this is something my Inner Clooney would say.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Tallulah said...

Fine! You're right our inner george clooney might take umbridge with ol' Hugh

12:43 PM  

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