Saturday, July 01, 2006

More Treasure from Yaye's Magic Trunk

Long before Matthew Macfadyen and Clive Owen quickened my pulse with their rugged brand of British beauty, I was an anglophile. I don't remember a time when I wasn't. I was 14 when Prince Charles Philip Arthur George (I still remember!) married Lady Diana Spencer. This was a major event in my adolescent life, and I managed to wrangle special permission from my very strict mother to stay up all night and watch the wedding. It was July 29, 1981.

My good friend Ro had the capital to buy all kinds of commemorative goodies, like the tea towels and a vinyl apron (why???); I had to settle for one item: "The Princess Diana Paper Doll Book of Fashion." Behold...

My, what tiny...feet you have, Prince Charles.

The wedding dress was quite a disappointment (not pictured as it is too damn big), especially after all the hoopla. Perhaps she should have sported a "cheeky tam-o-shanter" on her wedding day!


Anonymous Lady Tallu of the Misty Hollers said...

Not only do I have that same paper doll book I also have, Princess Diana has a baby paper doll book where you can put all sorts of crazy christening gowns on poor little baby.

Here was my favorite "off color" adolescent joke of that time,

Princess Diana has decided the name for the baby, Upland

Imagine the headlines: Up, Chuck and Di

Aaaaah how I love the bad non flatulent joke

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Lydford, Devon said...

As an anglophile, what do have to say about Withnail & I?

And did you know that Lyford is a corruption of Lydford?

1:42 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Ah-HA! But what about this?

Ya Anglo-Saxon mother's son!

(Zoinks! I hope I didn't just insult your mother -- not intended!)

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Now if you'll pardon me, I am going to go party with Sean Connery said...

1624?!?! I knew we were early colonists, but I never knew the date, wowserz.

I think we were loyalists during the revolution, though, just in time for the Fourth of July, thank you for reminding me... ;-)

"Up until the Revolution, Lyford was chief harbor pilot of the Savannah River in Georgia. He fled to St. Augustine where he piloted British men-of-war along the Southern coast. For his services he received a 448 acre grant on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, on which now stands the exclusive residential resort, Lyford Cay, where both Arthur Hailey and Sean Connery live."

12:35 AM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Lyfie, you may qualify as a New Native American (I just made this up). How long does it take before one is considered native? Nearly 400 years is pretty convincing to me!

6:48 PM  

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