Monday, July 10, 2006

Yaye Loves the "Emma & Pete Show"

Continuing with these confessions of my anglophiliac habits...we have the Emma & Pete Show! A young married couple of Brits who work together, garden together and converge in their bedroom several times a month to "yap" into a microphone for 10-30 minutes and podcast the results to the world. I discovered these two about two months ago, subscribed via iTunes and have been hooked ever since. Emma and Pete are both exceptionally brainy (she studied astrophysics in college), lively, fun and devoted to their two pet chickens: Hen Solo and Princess Layer (how brilliant is that!).

Sometimes they verbally spar as couples do (although in a restrained, English way), sometimes they're worn out from long hours at work, and I have become a little too acquainted with the sound of Pete's belches, but most of the time they offer warm and witty insights into their Oxford world of nerdy co-workers, shopping at Tesco, eating out at "the Lebanese" and trying to find time to cultivate their "allotment" (community garden).


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Hey....where are you?

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