Sunday, April 23, 2006

Simple facts in response to last night's post: Fernangeles

Behind the ramblings of last night's post , true facts revealed

A few interesting dexter cow facts: (as found on this site)
  • The original home of this breed (the Dexter) was in the southern part of Ireland. There they were bred by small stockholders and were kept on the rugged mountainous regions of that country. (That's why Dexters are perfect for WV)
  • Though Tallu made the comment that the dexter cow delivers 2 gallons of milk per day, she was off by 1 gallon. In fact, a typical Dexter cow will produce up to 3 gallons a day.
Roadkill as biodiesel
  • Tallu was completely mis-informed by the news media outlet who told her this story in her car - all the more reason to seek out the truth It appears that the whole cat diesel german scientest thing, was misquoted according the German Scientist Christian Koch.
Peak Oil
There are no good looking men in West Virginia
  • Now Tallu would like to make clear that there must be good looking men in West Virginia, just not in her immediate vicinity, she simply hasn't come across any eye candy lately.
  • She still remembers the hot bike messenger in Boston.


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Sweet Mama Jean!

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