Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fernangeles, Here We Come!

(Actually only one Parco has been drinking wine.
Not the one typing.)

So far:
1 glass of Kool Aid
6 Ritz Crackers
1 handful of broken Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips

It was the wine, dammit! (Giggle, chortle)

And now...I must cut the bananas and throw them into the chocolate pudding.

Forget the Miso, eat the egg sandwich. If it makes you feel better, forget the cheese.

It does make me feel better.

You know what I was watching the other day? Wayne's World and Mike Myers looked so young with Tia Cabrera or Carrera or whatever - it was all about the hot bass player. Whatever happened to her? She probably married some mogul and doesn't have to work. B****!

There are no good looking men in West Virginia. Remember when we went to Boston and we saw the bike messenger and he was totally hot. And I said, "Parco you are so right, East Coast guys are so hot in that intellectual way." Like get down and dirty in the middle of the afternoon like in that Simon & Garfunkel song. Have you ever known any Cecilias?

Why yes I have known Cecilias.

Were they nice?

Yes, I can recommend Cecilias.

Oh my god, I can't believe our blog was found! Who else could find our blog? And what could that do? There are some people I would love to find our blog, but I don't think they'll ever find it.

I need to stop listening to all this progressive radio. It's making me so depressed. It's like, what's the point in even making any money if we're all gonna die?

And we've reached peak oil - later, do a search on peak oil. And then I think, what difference does it make when I'm down in this holler? And I just wonder...I mean it just astounds me how quickly this country went into the handbasket and straight to hell. The flames are licking my feet! We're all gonna die. So what's the point? Do a search on peak oil, that's all I'm asking.

Then I'm thinking...this whole gas crisis. You know we're in a prime place to figure out raw materials for other types of fuel, right? I don't want to do corn - everybody does corn. I mean, I'm a hipster, I can't do corn. I was doing corn before the first album came out. Giggle, giggle.
I'm off the corn. Just give me chicken fat.

Did you know that one dead cat can be converted into one gallon of diesel fuel?

Um, who said that?

I heard it on some weird progressive radio show. And then I see all this roadkill around here and I think..giggle....why...giggle, giggle...can't...giggle...I ......(total breakdown in hysterical Keith Moon laughter).....

I can no longer understand an entire sentence, just bits and pieces.

Think about the ...giggle...Santa Claus....chortle.....the roadkill is free....think about it, Parco.

Here's the thing, I'll think of that and then my brain will switch to, "I would really like to go out to a fancy dinner in high heels and stocking and a beautiful long dress preferably with George Clooney...oooooh George Clooney....yessssssssss........."

You know what would be really good now? French Onion Soup from a coffee shop with a big clump of cheese on top. I'm a cheese lover!

We're thinking about getting a cow. A little Dexter Cow. They only produce about 2 gallons of milk per day, and I was wondering if we could convert that into biodiesel.

I've had Kool Aid!


Anonymous yaye said...

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!

1:25 PM  

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