Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tallulah gets Home Schooled

It's a well known hypothesis that constantly learning can potentially fend off certain neuro-diseases. Since my mother upon retiring at the tender age of 62 developed some neurological issues of her own, I have been on a quest to keep my head busy at all times. Personally, when I think about what I did to my brain in my teens and early twenties, I worry that perhaps I may become like my mom at a much younger age. Trying to stave off having to take Aricept daily, I have decided that I must really excercise my brain for potential cash and profit.

Today, I embark on learning a computer program that I have put on my resume in the past thinking I could fake it, knowing if I ever got called on it, I could pull in some favors. I have opened this program numerous times trying to dive right in but alas it only made my entire being quiver uncontrollably and to put in terms like Monty Python's Gumby: IT MAKES MY BRAIN HURT. The standard of the print industry....Illustrator! A beast of ungodly proportions and it is my goal to conquer my fear of this beast! So here we go. I purchased a Dummies book because well, this program makes me feel like a dummy though I have been proficient at Photoshop for many many years, it is well overdue to update my skill set (shoulda dun it years ago).

So off I go into the wild adobe yonder. If you don't hear from me send the calvary.


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