Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring or Bust! A Yaye's Obsession

January, February and most of March I was obsessed with blogging. This blog. Every single detail of my life seemed like fertile blog material. I found myself composing blog entries in the shower and the car. I couldn't wait to get up every day and visit the 'sphere, checking in on my latest favorite blogger (one week dooce, the next week her husband Blurbomat, moving on to Go Fug Yourself, then Vegan Lunch Box) finding new techie goodies (RSS feeds, Sitemeter, Amazon ads, etc.) to make this page more dynamic, learning all about vlogging/podcasting and ultimately subscribing to several via iTunes. It was a whole new world and I hurled myself into it with complete abandon.


Nothing but Spring. Nothing but unfurling flowers and emerging green. Nothing but compost and raking and wheelbarrowing. Nothing but throwing on my denim capris, a t-shirt with ratty old cardigan, and my handy black clogs and getting down with Mother Nature. Nothing but gardening tips from Jerry Baker, making diagrams of vegetable garden plans, and digitally documenting the evolution of sprout to bud to blossom to leaf.

The first few days, my muscles ached and my blisters burned. But now, I get the jitters when I can't get out there and spend 2-3 hours each day in heavy duty yard work. My husband is stunned by what I have accomplished in the past month. We have never had such a tidy, well-kept landscape. And we're miles ahead of our usual Spring ministrations. I can't wait to plant and mulch - I've already purchased several giant bags of woodchips and a few junipers that I'll plant after the rain over this weekend.

So my blogging suffers, because the sun is out and life is irresistably surging forward, and I have to be a part of it.


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