Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tallulah Spiraling out of Control

Yesterday I finished several lessons in my Illustrator for Dummies course. It was a LOT of fun. However, I found myself mesmerized by the tool box and its tool slot of preset shapes in conjuction with the tilde key. You see if you select a shape let's say a star and press the tilde key while moving the shape you get a spirograph effect. This simple little function reminded me of yesteryear when I would spend hours creating spirographs at the dining room table. I can remember my exceitement when my cousins were finally sick of their spirograph set and gave it to me. Yesterday, I literally wasted an hour creating spirgraphs in Illustrator.

I like Illustrator now...I have conquered my fear and find that the Illustrator monster in the closet was merely a CD wanting to play.


Anonymous yaye said...

Oh Yes!!!! I loooooooved my Spirograph when I was a kid! I wonder whatever happened to mine...there's no way I would have gotten rid of it. My mom probably snuck it out of my room when I wasn't looking - she did things like that. And then she would give my stuff to her husband's nieces. Boo.

Congrats on slaying the beast, my Parco! I hope to do the same someday!!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Parco said...

You shall sooner than later cause when I'm done with my book...I'll send it to you!

2:07 PM  

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