Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tallulah is haunted by Ghost of Leland Palmer

It is hard to believe that the television series, Twin Peaks was 16 years ago...16! I was pregnant when Mr. Tallu and I would go to an undisclosed home at the top of the Hollywood Hills (off Laurel Canyon) to watch David Lynch's boob tube spectacle every week. I loved the show so much, if little Yayo would have been born a girl, the name would have been Audrey much to Yayo's chagrin it's Yayo Agent Cooper Kazu. I collected Twin Peaks memorabilia, forced Mr. Tallu to purchase the playboy with "Audrey" way back when which oddily enough when I moved across country, I came across the Playboy and gave it to Yayo. As I handed the Playboy to him, my head was playing "Pictures of Lilly".

This brings me to Leland Palmer, I mean the actor Ray Wise. For some strange reason, Mr. Tallu was under the false assumption that he, Ray Wise that is, was dead. In the last few episodes of 24 (I love Jack Bauer and kind of have the hots for Curtis), the Vice President character has emerged. When the VP came on screen, I exclaimed: "Hey that's LELAND!!" After being shushed until the commercial, Mr. Tallu looked at me sympathetically and said...Hey Doll, Leland died 10 years ago I think.

I was saddened and confused cause the guy on the screen looked just like the guy who played Leland. I had made a mental note to self to look up the actor to verify the validity of Mr. Tallu's statement. Sadly, my brain does not come with post it notes, so I forgot until TODAY! Early this morning, we put in our Netflix (Good Night and Good Luck) cause I was just too excited to wait until this evening. And there low and behold was the guy who looked exactly like Leland and the VP on 24 playing the part of Hollenbeck.

Mr. Tallu exclaimed "Hey, that's the guy on 24 who looks like Leland who is dead!"

After the movie...whew it's incredible...kudos to Mr. Clooney, I logged onto IMDB and low and behold...HE'S ALIVE! ALIVE! I was so happy to be right on my assumption that I just had to ramble and share. I know I'm deeply disturbed, but I really love it when I'm right and can prove to Mr. Tallu he's wrong.


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