Monday, September 15, 2008

We were standing at the docks of South Hampton

Not trying to get to Holland or France but to Cork, Ireland. Yes Yaye & Tallulah traveled to a distant land together! And Yaye finally got to meet Yayo for the first time since Yayo was 5 months old! The following pic is of Yaye e Yayo but Yayo he is a giant and was actually leaning in if he had been standing straight I wudda needed a different lens...

My favorite memory of the whole trip was in a very overpriced rat infested tiny hotel room with Yaye and Yayo sitting on Yaye's bed while all three of us were laughing so hard that Yayo fell off the bed. That is something I never want to forget. harkens back to the sofa bed incident of yesteryear.

By the way, I really hate that hat and that's why Yayo loves it. Just like he loves to show his underwear whilst wearing his jeans that are a billion sizes too big. It's pretty funny to see his sponge bob or Will Ferrell Talladaga Nights underpants showing... I guess wearing my underwear on stage was just as frightening to my mom...curses teenagers...I suppose I deserve it.


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