Monday, April 14, 2008

Tallulah luvs to Ear from U

Okay where are I.Q. , Harmony, Courage, and Joy now? Good grief, what time waster journey am I about to embark on...This is why I have such a love hate relationship with the dang internet webs... I'm off to see what I can find...

....I'm back....what did I find? well....

How can it be that the dude who played I.Q. (John McIndoe) is 60 years old? How can he be older than my husband? Who actually isn't too far behind the ol' bugaloo... How can that be? The others, I must confess can say no more, but I did spend a good 15 minutes on:

Go ahead, check it out for yourself and then you'll feel like a giant goob just like I do. really seriously...go and take a look then let me know how you feel.

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