Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yayo gets Warped with Street Dogs

I dropped off Yayo and friends in Pittsburgh yesterday for the Warped Tour. Luckily, I wasn't the only parent who was dropping off their budding adult to the shindig. It was Yayo's first time "moshing" - no injuries thankfully, he didn't eat brown, blue or twinkly acid, he did not drink from a stranger's cup or at least that's what he was admitting to me. But what he can't stop talking about are his two favorite bands: Against Me and Street Dogs. So I thought I'd clue the two people who read this blog into who Against Me and the Street Dogs are. I happen to really like both bands tho if I were younger I wouldn't be moshin' to them cause I learned my lesson with a bruised rib acquired during PIL at the Hollywood Palladium in 85 or 86 or maybe it was 84 or 83...that was one long ass time ago. I'm a wuss

So without further you go...

Against me: (Okay this is their hit...therefore it makes me uncool to post this vid)

Now that my boy is receiving calls and stupid high gloss brochures with promises of fun and frolic in foreign lands relentlessly from every sect of the military and I realize he must sign up for the selective service or he'll go to jail...god damn they CAN'T have my only child.'s the Street Dogs:

I know I've not been around the blog for some time. But I think of you often and love those who dare to read this wackiness.

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