Friday, September 26, 2008

Talu can't take debates anymore!

I am a scared slug. I just want to crawl into the grass and never come out again!!! Maybe I'm just being a giant weenie, which is entirely possible and I'm not above admitting that.

I can't take another debate...I can't take this political shit makes me makes me feel weak and stupid...I just want this all to be over. I can't imagine another meet the old boss same as the old boss...I don't want to imagine it. So instead of finishing the debates, I'm here to whine about the fact that I just don't have the stomach for it all. I just can't take anymore lies and half truths with the understanding that most of the public is too unenlightened to know the difference.

Just four days ago, I thought about putting a bumper sticker on my car that said simply: "Do Your Research" But then I remembered that unless the research consisted of cheetohs, TV and Bud Light, there was no point in having that made as many (at least in my area) would just say HUH?. Mind you I'm no elitist college graduate....hell I'm a college drop out and not too proud to say that I was expelled from junior college 2 times due to academic issues namely not showing up to class.

The recent weeks of watching high school football or any football for that matter for the first time in my life only because ---clear throat take deep gulp -- my son decided for his last year of high school to be on the team --- I can see clearly the old adage politics are a game. Everyone roots for their team regardless of the fumbles, penalties or mishaps that may happen. Me, I like to get to know my team and know what I'm dealing with. That's why I'm an Independent - I don't' want to just root for the home team - I want to root for who I think will do the best job

But frankly...I don't get off on that adrenaline of which team will win. I guess, the giant weenie part of me just wants the good guys to win - as long as the good guys are MY guys.

Anywho...much against my better judgment, I will walk down stairs right now and watch what remains of the debates...then watch the talking heads all the while thinking...I wonder how Ambien really works? Will I really stay asleep for 8 hours - and what does 8 hours of sleep feel like? Should I see if I can score the type that puts you to sleep really fast then has the time release crap that keeps you asleep? These are things I think ...then I think about election day.

All I can say will either be Champagne or vodka & OTC sleeping pills. I hope it's champagne.

So Champagne dreams to you all. love, Talloo


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