Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Mr. Yaye and I went a-cherry picking in our front yard this evening in an effort to thwart our current arch cherry nemesis...Mr. Cardinal. It's not that we are unwilling to share our bounty with the colorful bird. It's just that we can only reach about six or seven fruit-producing branches, while the feathered one has a decided monopoly on the whole top half of the tree (a dozen branches, at least!). YET, we keep catching Mr. Cardinal plucking and nibbling from the lower branches that are clearly within our domain. So...we pick.
Let me tell you, the whole time we were out there, Mr. Cardinal was literally hopping mad that we were encroaching on what he has clearly deemed to be his cherries. I'm holding the ladder, Mr. Y is reaching and plucking, and Mr. C is cheep-cheep-cheeping madly, whilst flying to and fro from neighbor's drive way to the telephone lines.

Ah, nature. You know the cardinals steal our cherries and the bluejays steal our blueberries. Color coincidence? I think not!
I thought I'd also post this blurry out-take pic from my cherry bowl session -- it's like, none more red.

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Anonymous talluy de berri belly said...

You turned those cherries up to 11!

Mmmmm that looks so tasty thank you Yaye. We have a wee cherry tree that produces just a few cherries and we've yet to try them as we have our own Mr. Cs that flit about stealing our cherries. I could go on about Mr. C and stealing cherries but I'm refraining.....

5:47 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Wait, wasn't it Mr. P who did that?

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Tallu avec Mr. P said...

Mr. P, Mr. T, Mr. C...what does it really matter in the end????? You are funny and I do miss you immensly

7:40 PM  

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